8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear 

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Nohow On

MP3: Back in the day when these guys were called No Eye Contact, which was, like, three weeks ago, they made an album that opens with an a cappella choir singing Appalachian gospel music. It's a decidedly uncool move—probably not something that will get the chillwave kids riled up—but opens a direct line to the rousing heart and charm that makes You and Me and Other Fables so special. As far as indie cred goes, it's full of nods to Neutral Milk Hotel, from its curiosity-shop assortment of instruments (banjos, squeezeboxes, shakers, harmonicas, whistles) to its warm lo-fi imperfection, and it wears enough heartbreaking earnestness on its sleeve to recall the Mountain Goats. For just-plain-good-music cred, the trio, having now changed their name to a Samuel Beckett fragment, stands as a testament to the power of melody, something that seems to flow so effortlessly from them that it's not even fair.

Favorite NYC Venue:
Zebulon, because there is no cover, there's always people there, and they book a very eclectic range—you never know what you'll get.

What NYC band would you give up your spot on the list for?
Heather Christian and the Arbornauts.

One thing you'd like to change about being a band in NYC?
Parking tickets.

What's the biggest misconception about being in a band in NYC?
That it's still 1965.

If you could be an NYC band in any other year in history, which year would you choose?
1524 when Giovanni de Verrazano discovered New York—so we could say "Yeah, we were here before it got hip."

Favorite song about NYC:
"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" by Bob Dylan.

Nohow On
Nohow On Nohow On Nohow On Nohow On Nohow On Nohow On Nohow On

Nohow On

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