9 Brooklyn Bartenders Talk Booze 


Here at the L Magazine, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to the fine art (ok, the not-so-fine art) of drinking. But, in reality, we are really just amateurs. Appreciative and avid amateurs, but amateurs nonetheless. So, we decided to go to the experts and find out what they had to say about all things booze. Here's what bartenders from 9 of our favorite Brooklyn bars think about the drinks that they make for all of us. In a world of amateur drinkers, these guys are the professionals. And the one thing they all have in common? They want customers to stop ordering Long Island Iced Teas. Which, why is that still happening? We can do better, Brooklyn.


Who:Eric Gill
Where: Lavender Lake

What is your drink of choice?
I like, uh, Sazerac. Sometimes I like red wine. And sometimes just beer.

What is your favorite locally made beer, wine, or liquor?
I like this Greenpoint Gin we have right now. It’s really good. There’s like, they do vacuum distillation things and like the botanicals come out more. And there’s a little bit of cinnamon in it which is interesting for a gin.

What is your favorite seasonal drink for spring?
I like a crisp beer on a spring day. I don’t drink much wine but a white wine or rose.

What is the most popular drink ordered at your bar?
The John Parker is really good. It’s rum, fresh lime juice, ginger syrup.... We just started doing infused syrups like rosemary and thyme. The thyme one is really good, it’s rum, thyme, and elderflower.

What is your least favorite, or the most annoying, drink to make?
Long Island Iced Tea. Stuff that’s gross.

What’s the drink that is the most fun to make?
I like shaking. I like shaking stuff. People make fun of like I get a weird face when I shake....I like making like Old Fashioneds too, Manhattans. You stir, so you don’t shake, but it can be really fun to get that moment of meditation.

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