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Comment Archives: Stories

Re: “Spoon: The Goldilocks of Bands

Nice summation of Spoon. Pretty crazy how under the radar they have flown with how good they have been for so long. I could see The War on Drugs going a similar path.

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Posted by Stan on 07/30/2014 at 7:38 PM

Re: “The Best of Brooklyn: The 100 Best—and Worst—Things to Happen This Year

hypey. theres lots of life outside of brooklyn. dont forget. its a big world out there

Posted by Andrew Hunt on 07/30/2014 at 7:01 PM

Re: “The Do's and Don'ts Of Dating With Tinder

This site has some great tinder stories!

Posted by tinderon on 07/30/2014 at 1:33 AM

Re: “Radical Poltics, Radical Filmmaking on the Streets of New York

Who’s the radical, Oscar Lopez Rivera or the US?

There are some who call for keeping Puerto Rico political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera in prison forever, because he is a radical terrorist responsible for the killing and injury people. Is Oscar the really the radical?

It was the government of the United States (US) that illegally invaded Oscar’s country 116 years ago to make Puerto Rico a colony. The United States government has used everything it could think of to train Puerto Ricans to want to be a colony of the United States for over a century. Through its educational system and mass media it has tried to shape the minds of Puerto Ricans. And when that hasn’t been enough, it has resorted to state terrorism to repress those who want independence for Puerto Rico. All nations have an inalienable right to self-determination and independence according to international law. That is so, because it is a natural thing for a nation to want to be independent. That’s why most nations are.

So, Oscar is doing what is natural of wanting his nation to be independent. The US government, however, is doing the unnatural or radical thing of trying to prevent Puerto Rico independence.

What the US government is doing is so radical that it is committing a crime against humanity. The United Nations declared it so, because colonialism is a threat to world peace. So by the US government having Puerto Rico as its colony, it is creating the conditions for people like Oscar to resort to any means necessary to obtain decolonization. International law also give colonies the right to use any means necessary to decolonize itself. And that why colonialism is a crime.

This is why, after 33 UN resolutions ignored by the US government asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico, and the US government’s refusal to release Oscar from prison despite tremendous world pressure to do so, we must continuously protest until it happens!


Posted by Jose M Lopez Sierra on 07/29/2014 at 12:12 PM

Re: “Follow the Royal Shakespeare Company's Twitter Production of Romeo and Juliet, Such Tweet Sorrow

Good day, where did you get this image from? I am trying to get permission to use it. Please email me at

Posted by Caitlyn Coles on 07/28/2014 at 7:40 AM

Re: “It’s Been a Very Bad Year: Morrissey

The line is more authentic (like radishes with tacos) when it comes from the mouth of somebody who really cares about world peace, like Noam Chomsky, who's been saying that sort of thing for years, decades of books ago. But I guess that's somehow irrelevant here.

Posted by Brannon Gerling on 07/27/2014 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Superbad's "McMuffin!" Actor Has Died

Cheers sir...Watching your "McMuffin!" scene now...RIP

Posted by ThatGuy on 07/27/2014 at 7:56 PM

Re: “An Open Letter to J. Crew: Please Stop Trying to Deceive Your Customers

I honestly just ate a cat.

Posted by TinaShinamen12 on 07/25/2014 at 8:41 AM

Re: “A Bad Feminist Takes Over

"I’ve been thinking about this idea of Knausgaard as this new literary god for basically publishing his diary. If a woman did that she would be excoriated."

Yes, that's precisely what happened to Anais Nin, Virginia Woolf, Anne Lindbergh, Dorothy Wordsworth, Frida Kahlo, Anne Frank, Isak Dinesen, Margaret Fuller, Marjane Satrapi, and on & on.

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Posted by Marv on 07/22/2014 at 10:34 PM

Re: “Horoscope: 1/16/13

Dear Laps Trinity,
Not sure if you're gone for good, but just wanted to say I always found your horoscopes to be very insightful in their own weird, funny way, and always looked forward to reading them.

Posted by Daniel on 07/22/2014 at 10:07 AM

Re: “Merrilly, Merrilly, Merrilly: Talking with tUnE-yArDs

Posted by cvew on 07/22/2014 at 3:10 AM

Re: “I Want Your Sandwich: The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop

Posted by cxv on 07/22/2014 at 3:10 AM

Re: “The Best Old Movies on a Big Screen This Week

Posted by xcv on 07/22/2014 at 3:09 AM

Re: “It's Twin Peaks Weekend in Brooklyn

Posted by vc on 07/22/2014 at 3:09 AM

Re: “UPDATE: War on Drugs, Woods, Julianna Barwick Playing 50 Kent Tonight, Tickets Still Available

Posted by v on 07/22/2014 at 3:09 AM

Re: “Tickets on Sale Now for Fool's Gold Day Off With Danny Brown, French Montana and So Many More

Posted by vwswq on 07/22/2014 at 3:01 AM

Re: “5 Brooklyn Artists You Need To Know

Posted by xcv on 07/22/2014 at 3:01 AM

Re: “A "Sandy" Hook: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Posted by gnd on 07/22/2014 at 3:01 AM

Re: “What Not to Miss at the 2014 Northside Festival

Posted by rn on 07/22/2014 at 3:00 AM

Re: “The Do's and Don'ts Of Dating With Tinder

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by xcved on 07/22/2014 at 2:59 AM

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