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Re: “Can Hip-Hop's Next Generation Really Cut It?

Whatever. I'm not fooled by stuff that I can train a monkey to do. Any 5-year-old with natural talent in music can do what they do. Creating good music takes WORK, and LOT of THOUGHT. When you use the word "music," you're inviting the world of musicians into the discussion....a world that the "entertainment" industry knows next to nothing about. It makes me sick, to think that these people make millions, and great musicians struggle to make ends meet. I think that America should be ashamed of themselves, for failing to support their musicians. Hip hop has been a joke for a long time.....well when Mariah Carey does it, it's not so bad.

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Posted by dctrtuba on 11/01/2009 at 2:32 AM

Re: “Jay-Z and Alicia Keys Overcome the Worst Sound in the History of Sound, Kill It at World Series

No - Alicia actually has some musical ability, and some ability on the piano. Her first album was good. Since then....she's failed to demonstrate her talent. This "performance" was no exception. The band was was terrible. Yes the sound system was bad:) ....but with that aside, the only impressive thing was Alicia's singing. Alicia's no great singer -- but it was mostly in tune, which is very rare in popular entertainment. A musician can stand in one place on the stage, and sing....and, even with a bad sound system will sound great, b/c musicians habitually are shooting to hit each note right in the middle. Some of the repeated G#'s that she sang hit the sweet spot, and were very resonant. Nearly all popular "entertainers" have no clue what they are doing (music or performance-wise), and are either very sharp, very flat, in the wrong key, or simply are all over the place:)
I didn't see the point of the piano, as I had to strain to hear it, and she did not play anything challenging, that demonstrates her ability. She's no great pianist, but she is average....and she needs to find that again. .....and stop selling out with all this simplistic entertainment. It was soooo repetitive....this takes no thought, whatsoever. Anyone can do that easy stuff. I don't say this often about popular entertainers, but she can do better.

Posted by dctrtuba on 11/01/2009 at 2:23 AM

Re: “Lady Gaga on SNL: Much Better Than U2 on SNL

C'mon America -- geez. You call this music? You call this a performance? I swear, this is the only country where the wannabe's get all the attention, and the GREAT MUSICIANS are unknown. Did you happen to see the a Capella performance of tone-deaf Toni Braxton, and the GREAT PERFORMANCE of MUSICIAN Katerine Jenkins at the NFL game in London last week??? They were in 2 different worlds. Every note that Toni sang was WAY out of tune (some notes probably were so flat, that a tuner couldn't read it), and I wondered if she even practiced at all. ...and then a master singer took the stage, and proceeded to embarrass her (it made me angry, because I figured that someone in the NFL would have enough sense to send a good singer, to a country that's so rich in the arts). If I were going to same area where the LONDON SYMPHONY is, and I knew I was a crappy musician, I'd be "practicing" my tail off!
That's how you find out if the person can speak the language of music....take away the piano, give her a note name, then tell her to sing it. A musician can find any note, with no help....a musician can hear a chord and know what kind of chord it is. A musician can hear an interval, and know what kind of interval it is. A musician has mastered the basics. ....and let me tell you: the basics are REALLY hard:) I bet if I asked one of these wannabes to spell an F aug 6 chord, they'd look at me, like I was speaking Portugese or something. Then I'd proceed to say, "how about an easier one -- write me a 4-part chorale, and modulate with a pivot chord." I'd probably still get the same dumbfounded looks. Music is not as easy as people think it is. I'd rather take calculus than music theory:) It takes many years of INSANELY hard work to even approach mastering anything in music.
This is why great American musicians are so arrogant. It's because Americas don't appreciate them. They know how hard they worked, and you don't. Musicians live in the practice room every day......and wannabes like this may practice 1 hour/week.
At least that's what it sounds like. Compared to the MUSICIANS in America, this wasn't even a performance. The writer of this article doesn't have a clue what he's talking about, if he calls this wannabe garbage a musical performance. The only good performance I've seen on SNL was the episode where Adele had a chance to sing. She doesn't have all the flashy garbage. She can hear notes, is sensitive to the mood of the song.....adjusts the execution of the performance to what she wants to "tell" the audience that day, etc. There are few entertainers in popular "music" who have any clue about music, and I can count them on one finger. This is entertainment, not music. Music is an ART, and it's REALLY HARD to get it right. ...and her piano playing is HORRENDOUS. In college, I knew an amazing pianist, who practiced around 7 hours/day....don't tell me that she can play piano. Take it from a real life musician....I busted my tail to master my art, and noone knows my name, and what I can do on my instrument (and with composing), she's nowhere near my league......b/c all people in America want to hear is this stupid garbage. She can't speak the language of music, so how could she possibly be a musician??? If you want to talk MUSIC, let's talk MUSIC. If you want to talk ENTERTAINMENT, let's talk ENTERTAINMENT. ....or are we going to let little T-ball players play against major league baseball players now? Here's some of handful of musicians in popular music:
.Mariah Carey
.Alanis Morisette(not the best singer, but man she really understands what she is doing....she's great at musical expression)
.Christina Aguilera
.Amy Winehouse(barely)

Cheers everyone, and this really isn't meant to be offensive. ...but if you can listen to a group like Chicago Symphony, then say you'd rather listen to Lady Gaga, you need to re-evaluate the meaning of the word "musician."

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Posted by dctrtuba on 11/01/2009 at 1:21 AM

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