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A Brief History of Greta Gerwig, in Pictures 

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Baghead (Jay and Mark Duplass, 2008), Nights and Weekends (Joe Swanberg, 2008), The House of the Devil (Ti West, 2009), et cetera.

Gerwig fast became a favorite of the rising vanguard of DIY filmmakers, as well as of film critics, who responded to her (emotional, literal) nakedness in films such as relationship-gone-sour study Nights and Weekends. In his review of DIY horror maestro Ti West's The House of the Devil (above), L critic Ben Strong noted "mumblecore coquette Greta Gerwig, who, as [the] spacey, loudmouthed best friend, makes the act of chewing and talking at the same time exciting." She was also nicely self-aware as a narcissistic, flirty DIY actress in the Duplass brothers' meta-mumble-horror flick, Baghead, and cameoed in a number of films by directors always liable to fill out their casts with people they know: she played an actress at an audition, for instance, in You Wont Miss Me, directed by her Hannah costar Ry Russo-Young.

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