A Place in the Sun 

269 Pacific St, Cobble Hill

The warm weather is here, and lo, another outside bar opens in Brooklyn. Trout (formerly the back yard of Gravy) is part of the restu-bar super group on the corner of Pacific and Smith. Trout is pretty much your standard outside bar: wooden benches, odd fishing-related tchotchkes, and little snack-type foods. It’s being hailed in the press as a grown-up Yacht Club, but to me that misses what is essentially wonderful about the Yacht Club: the cheapness. I get that “grown up” is meant to mean more expensive, but a more expensive Yacht Club is, in my mind, just some bar.

The food is pretty good (try the calamari,) but in some ways Trout is indicative of the changes going on in that neighborhood’s bar scene. I stopped by last Saturday and the place was absolutely packed, but the crowd looked more Murray Hill than Cobble Hill. Expect this place to be full starting at 4pm every weekend this summer, which hopefully will thin the crowds a bit at the ol’ GYC. Trout is a nice addition to the outdoor Smith Street bar selections, though for my money, the $15 half pitcher of VERY strong margaritas next door at Pacifico is a much tastier deal. It isn’t technically a bar, I s’pose, but the outside waiting area is a great (and less crowded) spot to sit and chat on a summer evening.

Habana Outpost 
755 Fulton St, Fort Greene

Cool kid craft fair by day and cool kid outdoor bar by night, Habana Outpost is a summer only, at-least-partially-bike-powered former parking lot. Cuban-inspired sandwiches and small fare done by the Café Habana people in Soho — this is their Outpost, get it? — are served out of a brightly painted trailer/minibus thing, and sometimes they have a girls in short-shorts and sexy tops carwash out front. The place wears a lot of hats. Though the mix can be a little mind bending, pretty much any time you show up at Habana Outpost you can expect to be fed, boozed, and entertained. Fort Greene isn’t exactly the epicenter of Brooklyn bar coolness, what with the strollers and trees and dearth of girls wearing those hideous leggings, but it’s worth checking out Habana Outpost (plus nearby Frank’s and Moe’s, of course) if you’re nearby. But not until May 27 — like I said, summer only.


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