A Power Ranking of Brooklyn’s Booziest Brunches 


For some of us brunch is not just a weekend meal, it’s an opportunity to avoid last night’s hangover by working on tomorrow’s. We prefer to do it cheaply and at our leisure, which is why we gravitate towards restaurants that offer unlimited drink specials. Alas, many brunch spots restrict unlimited drinking with a cut-off time or sporadic refills and handing you the check while you can still figure out the tip in your head. Not to worry, with the help of a breathalyzer, the following spots have been tested on the strength of their drinks and the weakness of their resolve, and have proven to be the most generous in helping you waste away your weekend afternoon.

(Photos by Crystal Gwyn)

8. The Lovin’ Cup
93 N 6th Street, Williamsburg
Unlimited price: $15 including an entrée
Drinks: Mimosa, Grapefruit Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Beer.
Best grub choice: Sweet Jane Scramble
Brunch hours: 11:30-5pm
Official time limit: None, but there is a supposed three drink limit
What we got away with: 1 hour and 40 minutes of drinking
Breathalyzer read on getting the check: .16

Although the three-drink limit seems off-putting, the pint-sized mimosas are almost double what most places pack into dainty flutes. The grapefruit juice makes for a more interesting and less sugary flavor and the Bloody Mary is the spiciest of the lot, with a strong pepper taste. The distressed wood tables, unrushed but attentive servers and single-file tables with the occasional divider makes the brunch experience easy and somehow intimate in spite of the café being busy. A pint of grapefruit mimosa over the limit is the lovin’ cup that earns our stamp of approval.

7. Kettle Black Bar
8622 Third Ave, Bay Ridge
Unlimited price: $16.95 including an entrée
Drinks: Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Domestic brews
Best grub choice: Breakfast burrito
Brunch hours: 11:30am-3pm
Official time restrictions: none
What we got away with: 3 hours of drinking
Breathalyzer read on getting the check: .20

If you look and smell like you closed down your local the night before, this place is for you. Decked out in Mets paraphernalia with some dark corners to shield you from the sun, the Kettle Black Bar looks like it’s had its share of marathon drinking sessions. The massive breakfast burrito will get your system ready for a fresh assault. Drinks are made to order and being extra nice to your server could improve the fermented grape to orange juice ratio in your glass. We managed a three-hour stint despite a very eager employee trying to take away our all but empty plates early on.

6. Piquant
259 Flatbush Ave, Prospect Heights
Unlimited price: $8 +$14 entrée including coffee or tea
Drinks: Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Sangria
Best grub choice: Eggs San Salvador
Brunch hours: 11am-4pm
Official time limit: none
What we got away with: 2 hours and 30 minutes of drinking
Breathalyzer read on getting the check: .16

The southwestern theme of Piquant means poached eggs are paired with unexpected brunch flavors like chipotle hollandaise or a Serrano cilantro sauce. More importantly, it means the addition of red wine sangria to the unlimited drinks. The laid-back atmosphere in the back garden is suitable for a gradual descent into uselessness on a Saturday but the upstairs dining room is closer to the bar. Friendly servers come around with premixed pitchers for top-ups frequently, though the strength of the drinks could be improved on (except for the Bloody Marys!).

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