A Quickie Guide to Public Sex 

Illustrated by Michael Kravit

The Worker Bee Says:
1. On the Roof of Your Apartment
Get the thrill of possibly being seen, without the risk of getting caught. Make sure to bring pillows.
2. In a Rental Car, Parked Discreetly Beneath a Tree in the West Village
It’s not exactly public, as the steamed-up windows provide cover. If you’re lucky, you’ll get towed.
3. In Your Bedroom (windows open)
Let’s face it, breeder, you’re too squeamish to have public sex. At least maybe your neighbors will hear.

The Queen Bee Says:

4. The Bushes in Central Park
Good for snagging a confused straight guy; bad for long-term commitment.
5. 42nd Street Library
Gay nerds meet in the bathroom; straight nerds, everywhere else.
6. The Pier
You can still go, but it’s not what it used to be: once upon a time, opportunists would sell condoms and lube for everyone! 


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