A Surprise Girl Talk Album With Exactly No Surprises 

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Girl Talk
All Day
(Illegal art)

Is it weird to think someone is the best the world’s ever seen at what they do, and still desperately want them to stop doing that thing? There have been more than enough crummy mashup artists plaguing blogs for years to cement Greg Gillis’ craft as unquestionably next-level. But that doesn’t mean his end-product isn’t supremely tiresome. A common recommendation for his LPs is that "you never know what’s coming next!" But that’s not true, is it? You know that rap verses are going to play over familiar pop/rock songs, don’t you? It’s just a matter of which layers are going to overlap. As a delivery system for well-known hooks, his Pavlovian bell-ringing is second to none. As a DJ mix, Girl Talk’s third collected set, All Day, is scientifically certified for effective debauchery. As an album? Dude, this isn’t 
an album.

As Gillis himself acknowledged with All Day’s unannounced appearance, the tracks are meant to meld together without separation. Which is for the best, as the delineation from track to track is entirely arbitrary anyway. Snippets begin, drop, segue into each other in a numbing, ADD-pandering overkill parade whose borders are meaningless and cumulative 72-minute run-length is taxing. It’s the aural equivalent of letting a ten-year-old make his own dinner: "And gummy bears…and Skittles… and potato chips…" Throwing out references to be acknowledged isn’t art, it’s Family Guy. If these criticisms seem well-worn it’s because Gillis isn’t taking his conceit anywhere new. He took the mashup to its ultimate conclusion years ago, and then forgot to conclude.


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