All Will Be Revealed 

Robert Anthony Siegel • MacAdam Cage • Now available

Readers expecting a novel about a pornographer to be seductive will not be disappointed by Robert Anthony Siegel’s All Will Be Revealed. Set in the late 19th-century photo studio of Augustus Auerbach, highly choreographed models shed their clothing and pose for the camera. Each month, men from all corners of the world pay exorbitant sums for the pictures Auerbach mails them. His fortune comes from catering to what he calls “the dungeons and pleasure domes of our yearnings.”

Although Auerbach has plied this trade for decades, his business begins to unravel after the baby of his most popular model dies. In an attempt to sate her grief and save his enterprise, Auerbach accompanies her to a séance. This opens the way for an unusual love story to unfold. As it does, attitudes about gender, sexuality, disability and the spirit world collide.

Siegel’s compelling and beautifully written tale is more than a voyeuristic look at one relationship. Utilizing a come-hither tone, he subtly prods us to take risks and question assumptions. An edgy, unpredictable romance, it is both entertaining and naughtily enticing.

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