Animal Farm NYC 

A Carnivore’s Guide to Meat in the City

1. Veal Cheeks — Craft 
As babies, these little cows are forced to chew bubble gum and blow bubbles all the time, in between long sessions learning the fluglehorn — all so that New Yorkers can eat their tender, tender cheeks. Oh. Not those cheeks? A rich sauce? Falling off the bone? Oh. Ok. 43 E 19th St.

2. Kanga Skewers — Eight Mile Creek
Kangaroos are allegedly really good boxers, but evidently they don’t always win. Good thing for this Aussie restaurant, who happily slap chunks of ‘roo on the barbie for your munching pleasure. 240 Mulberry St.

3. Broiled Alligator — Natori
Sure, it kind of tastes like chicken, but at least you’ll
have the satisfaction of consuming a pretty ugly predator and/or mascot. And the ginger sauce it comes in is pretty good, too. 58 Saint Marks Pl.

4. Choucroute Garnie — Les Halles
Yummy sauerkraut with all the best pork parts a person could want, cooked in wine. From pig’s foot to pig belly it’s all here for your epicurean delight. 15 John St.

5. Black Bear in Juniper Sauce — Henry’s End
Remember that Werner Herzog documentary, Grizzly Man, in which one of the pivotal scene involves Herzog listening to an audio recording of two people being eaten by a bear? Yeah, it was intense. Now, you can eat the bear. Good for you. 44 Henry St. Brooklyn Heights


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