Are You At All Curious About Google Glass? 

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Hails from: Nepal
“I’ve heard about those, but I’m too old to be interested. I resisted getting a cell phone for a long time, and then getting a smart phone, until my kids forced me to get one, but I really can’t imagine Glass catching on like mobile did. Eventually they’ll realize they don’t want to be around computers all the time.”

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Hails from: Ukraine
“Those are the dumbest looking things since Kanye wore those glasses with the plastic through them. Anyone who wears Google Glass is an idiot. I’m sure in a few years we’ll all go to the eye doctor and have computers directly injected in our faces, and I’ll be the last holdout, hiding in a bunker somewhere. But honestly, even if you have to be looking at a screen all the time, a smart phone is not hard to deal with.”

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Hails from: Brooklyn
“I’m actually really interested in trying one, though I don’t think I would ever want [to own] one, even if they weren’t crazy expensive. I’m pretty paranoid about the government spying on me, and while I know my phone is super trackable and probably getting read right now, Google Glass is just too creepy for me. I don’t even know that I’d want people to wear them while I’m driving them around. How do I know they’re not taking pictures of the back of my head or something?”

Hailed in: Port Authority
Hails from: Jersey City
“I don’t really understand what they’re for. Do they do anything my phone doesn’t do? If not, what’s the benefit? It seems like a bigger deal if you have to speak to use it rather than use your hands. I guess if you’re handless, fine. But you can’t Glass in the quiet car of New Jersey Transit.”


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