Art in the City: Natural Reaction at the Space B Gallery 

It’s fair to say that artists of all types are in some small way influenced by their environments, but newly opened show “Natural Reaction” takes that notion to its fullest extremes, displaying a small group of artists whose work is in direct conversation with their natural environments. The show doesn’t seek to proselytize about the importance of or respect for our environment, but instead seeks to show examples of the lyrical, uplifting, empowering feelings that can be achieved by viewing the work, letting the art speak for itself. Artists like Nikki Lindt and Peter Hutchinson display examples of naturally inspired, evanescent constructions: a manmade rainbow or a series of apples arranged in a large six-foot triangle along the ground. Other artists use more traditional techniques depicting scenes originating from their own connectedness to nature, in a spiritual or experiential way. A few artists employ photography and video to show the often ironic relationship between man and nature. The show’s coordinators, Nikki Lindt and Jennifer Ditacchio (both of whom are artists in the exhibit) chose the group very carefully after deciding to pursue the theme, one that Lindt, who came up with the original concept, says “feels really needed right now.” The works on hand are each uniquely connected to the coordinators vision, and make up an exhibit that could serve as a wonderful example and point of departure for future projects related to the environment.

The exhibit opens May 7th and runs until June 7th shown by appointment or Saturday 1-5pm at Space B Gallery 257B West 19th St.  Artists exhibited are: Joel Adas, Candida Alvarez, Max Diel, Jennifer Ditacchio, Peter Hutchinson, Nikki Lindt, Joshua Marsh, Alex Schuchard, Dan Torop, Rudd Vrugt, Alicia Wirt-Fox.

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