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The Color of Eternity

Jeff Perrott: La Vie Eternelle
Morgan Lehman
Through Oct 21

La vie eternelle est un cadeau gratuit (“eternal life is a free gift”), reads the first piece, a collage, in Jeff Perrott’s show. Next to it, we see videos of the artist in the process of putting his vibrant paintings through a woodchipper (an impulse that many an artist has had but few have gone through with). This explains the heap of shavings —  complete with telltale scraps of bright paint — piled up in the gallery’s window. Deeper in the room hang paintings that were spared such a fate, their rays of color radiating outwards in Abstract Expressionist exuberance. Perrott’s work flip-flops between lighthearted Pop — like the large number nine painted in gold on linen, a reference to the days when Perrott painted numbers in Fenway Park — and existential gravity, like the the artist’s own teeth in four different stages of decay cast in glass and bronze. These two contrasting spirits meet in the middle with the parting gifts offered to anyone visiting the gallery: sliced-up scraps of Perrott’s colorful paintings sit in a bucket; each jewel-toned remnant a free gift for anyone who wants to give the destroyed panels life after death.

Jessica Stockholder
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Through Oct 14

Jessica Stockholder somehow never loses interest in the things that populate our daily lives. Lamps, buckets, tables and other humdrum objects are elevated to whimsical art pieces in the artist’s sculptural work, which for decades has addressed issues of painting with its bright swathes of color slapped on unlikely surfaces. This time around the work is more joyous and playful than ever. A typewriter bubbles over with pink paint; a large plastic storage bin is girl-ified with tulle trimmings, and household dreck (in the form of plastic cups and unidentifiable remnants of other ordinary supplies) is arranged by color: Sharper-Image black, voguish Container Store lime green… these groupings highlight the fact that what once were store-bought, utilitarian products are now curious expositions on color and form.

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