Roaring With Paradox and Laughter: <i>Fifi Howls From Happiness</i>

Roaring With Paradox and Laughter: Fifi Howls From Happiness

Mitra Farahani’s documentary of Iranian artist Bahman Mohassess is terrifically structured and warmly, terrifyingly candid.

3 Gates & Other Art Portals

Guillermo Creus of Fortress to Solitude tells us about his current mix of physical, virtual and personal aesthetic pursuits.

Jul 16, 2014

So-Callings and Close-Ups: Tom Friedman’s Paint and Styrofoam

The artist’s solo show at Luhring Augustine Bushwick enticingly challenges terms of reference and viewers alike.

Jul 2, 2014

Beyonds Within: For Your Eyes Only

Vince Contarino’s solo show at TSA Gallery hums and stirs with nuance and suggestiveness.

Jun 4, 2014


The Measure Art

4 Art Exhibits You Need to See

Aesthetic inquiries under the aegises of cities and collections, hallowed frescoes and broad spectrums.

4 Art Exhibits You Need to See

Historical probings and sundry modes of hearting NYC.

Jul 17, 2014

4 Art Exhibits You Need to See

Celebrations of chromatics and musings cinematic in these new art picks.

Jul 3, 2014

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