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So far this season, the Farmers’ Almanac’s long-range weather predictions have been pretty accurate. It said this winter would be colder than normal, and boy was it ever. If the heavy storms it’s calling for in early February arrive, I may never check another source for my advance forecasts again. In that spirit, I figured I might make a few predictions myself. If the Almanac can do it for the weather, surely I can come up with something for the art world?

Don’t expect any major activity. Art students won’t come back until the end of the month. News during this month mostly consists of year-end roundups, whatever Mayor Bill de Blasio happens to be doing, and, ahem, predictions.

Expect to see names like Bjarne Melgaard, Charline von Heyl and Keith Mayerson floating around this month and next. They’re just three of the 103 participating artists in the Whitney Biennial this March, and that exhibition seems to make every artist’s work just a little bit more salable. Nobody will be talking long about the New Museum this month, as its main show, Pawel Althamer, is a bunch of cheeseball skeletons wrapped in bandages.


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Crystal ball time: will people give a shit about the Armory Show this year? I’ve got a cloudy read on this, but initial impressions don’t look good for the Armory. I’m receiving emails from friends who are planning to fly into New York in May for Frieze and NADA—but not in March.  


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Overall Trendwatch
What can we expect to see a lot of from artists this year? So. Much. More 3D-printer art. Makerbot just announced a new line of consumer grade “replicators” so more artists can print better stuff. And in October, the Museum of Art and Design launched a 3D-printer-centric exhibition dubbed Materialising the Postdigital that runs until June. That show is certain to influence artists working in the medium.

Other than that, if the news has any influence on artists, we can expect to see more Buzzfeed-inspired art, depictions of the royal baby, and a bunch of thank-you letters to Democrats expressing gratitude for Obamacare. Rob Ford will have a decreased presence in the news and therefore art because, duh. He has very little power anymore. And George Zimmerman, well, let’s just forget he ever made a painting.  


The most important of all art trends: dogs. They’re on the rise because artists intuitively and logically understand that they are the best pet. Screw all those pictures of birds!


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