How Should We Tackle the Deficit? 

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I don't know your (America's) politics well, but everyone knows how rich Americans are. You have so many billionaires; if they were taxed more I bet that would take care of a lot of it. Tax the shit out of them. Most of them got their billions from banks, so it isn't like they're doing anything useful. Not like the Apple guy. Yeah, Steve Jobs. Joshua
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I'm no good at math; I only know what I read. Seems like one of the things everyone is saying is defense, we need to cut defense spending. That seems right, but I don't know what parts of it to cut. I was in the military; I served in Vietnam. They better not touch anything related to veterans or benefits. But you always hear about billions being spent on technology the army doesn't need or want. That seems like a good place to start. Richard
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I don't care how they do it, so long as they don't cut funding for education, policemen or road maintenance. I mean, I don't want my taxes to double, but don't cut the stuff we need. Pankaj
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I don't have a lot of faith that your country can cut its deficit. I hope it can, since if you don't its bad news for everyone. But your system seems pretty corrupt. You won't be able to cut anything important because all the interest groups are there to stop you, and both your parties are in the pocket of one group or another. Then if you try to raise taxes they call Obama a socialist and somehow people believe them. So I don't know what you're supposed to do. You should save your money, though. Leonard
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We need to do entitlement reform. Did you know that France pays less per person than we do on health care, but they have better coverage? If we changed to that system we'd save a lot of money. Medical costs are fucking nuts. I know the odds of this are like one in nothing, but it's what I think we should do.


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