Best of Brooklyn 2013: People & Places 


Best Brooklyn Reality TV Star
Brooks Atwood

Although Atwood didn’t win this season of HGTV Star, he made it to the finals with his innovative and adventurous designs. A Fort Greene resident, Atwood is a neighborhood fixture who is recognizable for his towering stature, awesome beard, and excellent fashion sense. Say hi and have a close encounter with Brooklyn’s own design rock star.


Best Place to Better Yourself
3rd Ward

Known as the best place to do just about anything you want, from rent work space to dine at the wonderful Fitzcarraldo to attend one of the many parties or events thrown there, 3rd Ward also offers classes galore, so you can finally learn how to paint with oils or cast your own silver jewelry. Finally.

Best Fire Hydrant Sprinkler in Bushwick
Starr Street between Central and Wilson

Heat waves are bullshit when you put on your bathing suit and bike through one hydrant after another in this well-tapped hood. Refreshingly frigid water spews forth from these things, but they’re not all the same. This one has force and spray and arc and grace. A total blast.


Most Rapidly Skyrocketing Real Estate

Bushwick rents may be going insane, and Williamsburg continues to be Williamsburg, but the real uptick is happening in Bed-Stuy, where wealthy buyers are quietly snapping up more and more brownstones and driving up prices. It would be nice to be them, probably.

Best Avoidance of Disaster
The Removal of the Swaying Astrotower

It’s always sad to see a landmark go, but it’d be even sadder if that landmark caused the death and/or injuries of innocent bystanders. So it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the rusted-out, phallic Astrotower of Coney Island. But, you know, safety first.


Most Widely Beloved Lost Dog

With maybe the best-executed “lost dog” campaign we’ve ever seen, Danielle Maveal turned her missing chihuahua Myrtle into something of a local celebrity. She has yet to turn up, but our eyes are still peeled.

Brooklyn Transplants with the Biggest Price Tag
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry

Many more than a few score millions of dollars have been pumped into the Brooklyn Nets franchise to add players like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to an already solid lineup, and to have Jason Kidd helm it all as coach. An expensive batch of defectors. We’ll take it.


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