Beyond Honor 

Directed by Varun Khanna

You’d think that no matter how poorly executed a film, to laugh at one dealing with domestic abuse, incest, and female genital mutilation would still be in fairly poor taste. But Beyond Honor is something special. You see, this ludicrous indie — about a young Egyptian-American woman’s nightmarish struggles with a prohibiting, traditionalist father and a jealous, approval-seeking brother — is so inept on just the basic levels of script, acting, shooting, and editing that attempting to suppress giggles and even outright cackles while watching it becomes an act of pathetic futility. The badness can’t possibly be fully conveyed: the stock phrases Khanna tries to pass off as dialogue (friend: “So, did you guys do it?” protagonist Sahira: “Do what?”) and the cartoonish, anti-Western —so why is he married to an American woman? — frothing of paterfamilias Mohammed (“I am judge! I am jury! I am executioner!”) are merely the minor unintentional hilarities delivered by this post-9/11 after-school special, presumably helmed by Ed Wood.

Opens March 17 at Village East


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