Bonde do Rolê 

With Lasers (Domino)

Bonde do Rolê, like CSS before them, are a Brazilian party band fished out of obscurity by Diplo, and currently coasting on indie cred through a handful of American appearances. They play what’s usually referred to as baile funk, though that term applies to an event rather than a genre — a “funk ball” that originated in the mid-‘90s for warring factions of Rio slum kids to duke it out, later turning into a super-sexualized sort of dance party tracked by music that draws mostly from American hip-hop and Miami bass. What Bonde do Rolê play is a souped-up version of that style, mixed with metal riffs and goofy sound effects. The problem is that the combination sounds horrible — the fun of cheap electronics wears off quickly, none of the three members can rap, and their shows here are packed with people who incessantly crowdsurf and fist-pump to cover up their fear of actually dancing. It’s a sad sight, but even as a party soundtrack, it’s a sadder record.


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