Brightblack Morning Light 

Self-Titled (Matador Records)

Check out the Matador website, where, directly following news posts about Brightblack Morning Light’s MySpace account, you’ll find all this weird, mystical silly-talk about things like channeling crystals and “luminated song-sharing ceremonies” at Big Sur. You’ll also find the band’s gimmicky, handwritten bio where we learn that the two principal members, Nabob Shineywater and Rabob Hughes, are homeless. All of this, of course, is an attempt to create an air of mystery around the band, and truth be told, I’m totally cool with that, intrigued even. I’d be even cooler with it if their music was half as interesting as all that other stuff. Really, though, it’s just shockingly boring. They fit nicely alongside all the minimalist freak-folk stuff, and the bits of blues and gospel influences that pop up occasionally show real promise. It’s just not enough to warrant seven minutes spent hanging on a single, simple chord progression, with the same basic arrangement in every single song. That said, I’d still love to hang out with them at Big Sur.


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