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9:30 am
Kick back and dip into one of the local art zines you purchased at the Brooklyn Art Library, marveling at the sophistication of the borough's artists under the light from your old-school white enamel industrial ceiling fixture from Moonriver Chattel. Be at peace.

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11:30 am
When you're done reading, you can just put the book back into your set of Star Trek-looking Helical Shelves, a radical reinterpretation of boring old shelves by Dumbo's City Joinery (more interesting than half the books they're storing, no doubt).

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12 pm
Lunch time! Cut into your deliciously gooey grilled cheese with Steve Butcher's dismembered flatware. Yes, it may seem impractical to have two tines missing from a fork, but it looks really effing cool. (Available at Spring.)


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