Brothers of the Head 

Directed by Kieth Fulton and Louis Pepe

Conjoined twins Tom and Barry Howe are plucked from their secluded British town by an ambitious impresario, who transforms them into a rock band-cum-freak show. Dubbed the Bang Bang, Tom and Barry are polar opposites who pound out thrumming guitar riffs coupled with brash, snarling lyrics. This documentary-style look at sibling rivalry and 70s punk rock borders on farcical, but definitely smells like teen spirit. Through sweaty club footage, interviews with doctors and managers and down time with the twins, we glimpse Tom and Barry’s singular connection. The twins’ story of split-second celebrity and damned downfall by lust and heavy drug use comes as no surprise. But have you ever heard of the Bang Bang? There is much more to this Siamese tale than meets the eye — it’s a yarn spun straight from the imaginations of the duo who directed Lost in La Mancha, the documentary that chronicled Terry Gilliam’s doomed Don Quixote movie. Clearly, with Brothers, the two have realized that sometimes fiction is stranger than fact.

Opens July 28 at IFC Center


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