C Commute 

Remember when you first moved to the city, back when everything was overwhelming, exciting and mildly exotic? Were you a young twenty-something with eyes wide open to infinite possibilities, or did you have it all figured out, ready to take on the world?

The Narcissists, a company new to NYC, are showing all sides of this coin with their premiere of C Commute.

C Commute
gives a glimpse of ten lives in the midst of their daily subway commute. The voyeuristic concept is very alluring in theory, but falls short in practice. The show presents monologue after monologue, a very narrow slice of people that would be way more interesting in interaction rather than introspection. A young male escort extols the benefits of his chosen profession. A drunken artiste contemplates his form on a day off in the park. A temp receptionist laments her hard day’s work, being forced into “typing eight hours a day!”

The creative force here is palpable—young, fresh and exciting. They have their moments—there are some genuinely funny points and great performers, but ultimately the monologue after monologue thing wears out. That isn’t to say, though, that this company is over. Think about how far you’ve come since you first moved here. A long way, huh? I expect the same from the Narcissists.


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