Celebrating 10 Years: The Institutions of New Brooklyn 

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Launched in July of 2004, literary magazine n+1 has created a distinct, though constantly evolving, space for intellectual discourse and cultural commentary. Also, they throw some really great parties. We spoke with several of the editors, both founders and more recent arrivals, at the launch party for Issue 16, “Double Bind,” and forced them to pose for several group photos, which highlighted both the near-universal awkwardness of literary types and also the much-expanded group of people who are now integral to putting out the magazine. Although most of the founding editors are still involved, the diversification of the n+1 operation—there is now a podcast and a research collective among other things—obviously dictates that many more people contribute, each of whom add their own unique perspective and voice to the group as a whole. And although n+1 exists in its own cultural framework—in Brooklyn, though not necessarily of it—the connection between the magazine and the borough it’s based in was made clear by editor Dayna Tortorici as she looked at some of the group shots that our photographer snapped. “We look so awkward,” Tortorici said. “But then, Brooklyn is awkward. Brooklyn monetized awkward and made it cool.” Which is true. But while Brooklyn has traded in on its awkwardness, n+1 has thrived because it has embraced both intelligence and social consciousness in an honest and unapologetic way. It’s exactly the kind of institution that we are happy has lasted for so long, and we’re sure that it will continue to have a dynamic future. Especially if they keep throwing such good parties.

Photo by David Loaiza
Pictured Above: Eric Wen, Amy Ellingson, Keith Gessen, Dayna Tortorici, Chad Harbach, Moira Donegan, Marco Roth, Elisa Wouk Almino, Carla Blumenkranz

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By David Loaiza

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