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The xx, Screaming Females, Bear Hands, Team Robespierre

The Marathon is in full swing by now, and nowhere will this 
be quite as evident as it is at the Mercury Lounge tonight. It's a strange bill, with a bunch of bands that don't have a hell of a lot in common, but it's stellar nonetheless. The xx, whom we write about on every page of this issue, are on early, and you would be wise to catch them at least once this week. Later on, you'll be treated to the wild, classic guitar-rock stylings of Screaming Females, who continue to bridge the very large gap between Sleater Kinney and tons of dude bands from a million years ago. They're very good, and they're from the Jerz, so they're practically locals. They're sandwiched between two longtime L Magazine favorites tonight: Bear Hands take the stage before them, and Team Robespierre after them. If you're bothered by cramped spaces, you'll probably want to make other plans for this evening.

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Big Terrific
Cameo Gallery

We've been pretty vocal over the years about our utter confusion regarding the constant mixing of indie rock and comedy, but we will play along for tonight and suggest you head over to the Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg for Big Terrific, featuring Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate, the new SNL cast member who said "fuck" in her first episode. Why sit through a bunch of comedy when there are nine million bands you could be seeing? Well, most bands are really shitty, and you can tell your mom you sorta hung out with the SNL cast member who said "fuck" in her first episode. This will make them think you're less of a failure. Also, we like that Max Silvestri fella.


Evan Dando, Holopaw

Along those same lines (those lines being hanging out in relatively small venues with relatively famous people), you could take a trip down to Pianos to see Evan Dando. You probably don't like Evan Dando as much as we do, which is completely understandable, but he's playing right after Holopaw (featuring the dude from Ugly Cassanova writing much better songs than he does in Ugly Cassanova), who you should like every bit as much as we do, on account of their immaculate, shimmering folk-pop.

Ernest Jenning Showcase
Knitting Factory

Have you been to the Williamsburg Knitting Factory yet? It's nice, you should go, and you should consider going tonight, for the Ernest Jenning showcase featuring every band we've ever written about: Takka Takka, La Strada, Black Hollies, and Wild Yaks, plus a new project from O'Death frontman Greg Jamie called Blood Warrior, and a new project called Title Tracks, from John Davis of Georgie James and Q And Not U. The show's headliners are Still Flyin, a band about whom the SF Weekly once wrote "Fun is the new not-fun."

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