Crazy Love 

Directed by Dan Klores

Crazy Love is not quite your average tale of unrequited love. It is 1959 in the Bronx, and successful lawyer Burt Pugach is pursuing the lovely Linda Riss. All is going well until she discovers he is already married and decides to call things off. Burt’s reaction: hire thugs to throw acid in her face, blinding her for life. Sixteen years later, Burt is out of jail and — against all expectations — he marries Linda. Now why would she go and do something like that?

Linda never seems to come up with a clear enough answer, but this documentary relishes her every attempt to rationalize her decision to wed the man who scarred her for life. Director Dan Klores may take a little while to get the story really churning, but once he begins to expose the underbelly of every mother’s dream son-in-law, the film becomes a fascinating exploration of love in the age of the tabloid, where chivalry is no longer part of the social-consciousness and courtship rituals have become perverse beyond anything Buñuel could have imagined.

Opens June 1


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