The Difference Between Houses And Homes

The B-sides and 7”s compilation — if nothing else it’s the sign of a band that’s stuck around long enough to build up a decent catalog. But Omaha’s Cursive have managed to do so much more, selling over 100,000 copies of their last release The Ugly Organ and helping to create an unexpected indie-rock scene that had the national press recreating a Seattle-like ruckus in the middle of Nebraska. But The Difference Between Houses and Homes precedes all this. Cursive’s early recordings, as presented, here, are a crash course in prog-punk evolution shouted over dissonant guitars and uncomfortable melodies. The seeds of the band’s latest orchestral art rockings are obvious, and fans of the band’s more direct efforts on Domestica will find the scattered similarities throughout. Among the arguable best in whatever mega genre of heavy songwriting that has swallowed them up, Cursive has put together what is most obviously a gift to their fans, but also functions as a solid history on an above-average hard rock band with some very good ideas.


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