Cut Copy 

In Ghost Colours (Modular)

In Ghost Colours is a nifty collage of mismatched timbres, playfully deliberate melodies and old-fashioned dance music. Tim Hoey’s gutsy bass is played up in tracks like ‘Nobody Lost, Nobody Found’, and frontman Dan Whitford tries out some graceful Morrisey-inspired vocals in ‘Far Away’ (whose instrumentation is a possibly accidental nod to The Blow’s ‘Parentheses’). For all its fragmentation, though, the album does flow surprisingly well, benefitting nicely from Whitford’s inner DJ, as he balances abrupt intra-song transitions (‘So Haunted’ begins with a frustrated rock-out before dissolving into UFO dreaminess) with subtle inter-song conversations. As a whole, this Australian group has always managed to make sentimental electronica that sparkles with sincerity when they interlace computer jams with live, raw instruments, and Whitford’s newfound enthusiasm doesn’t hurt; this record feels about twice as human as their debut. 


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