Depressed, Starving East Village Artist! 

We Got Your Summer Fix Right Here

What do Moby and Picasso have in common?  Besides the fact that both of their art or “electronic art” wasn’t very appreciated during their lifetime (good move opening that soon-to-be-hot UES coffee shop Moby) they both love drinking the original absinthe, Pernod. Picasso was not the only lonely artist of his day who indulged in hallucinogenic intoxication — he was joined by fellow depressed drinkers like Manet, Verlaine, Poe and Wilde. Don’t get too excited East Village arties, these past drinkers definitely got the better end of the deal having the good fortune of being alive when Pernod still made you trip  from wormwood — but that doesn’t take away from the great tasting drink Pernod still produces. The Pernod French Kiss is truly a  summer drink, with its light, refreshing taste that keeps you coming back for more until you’re drunk enough to actually French kiss someone.  You can make it yourself or check it out on the cocktail list at Hearth in the East Village.

Pernod French Kiss

1 part Pernod
4 parts orange juice
1 dash grenadine syrup

Mix Pernod and orange juice in a shaker with ice. Strain into a tall Collins glass filled with ice.  Add grenadine and allow it to settle at the bottom. Garnish with a slice of starfruit.


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