Live 1980 (DVD)

For most 80s TV babies, Devo seemed like an elaborate joke (I mean, c’mon, those hats!). But it wasn’t, it was serious. Formed by Kent State art students Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh in 1970, the former band took its name from their adopted concept of “de-evolution” — the idea that instead of evolving, mankind was regressing. Remember, this was the dark era of an ill-advised foreign war that had become a full-on quagmire, when oil prices were climbing and general malaise was beginning to dominate the American mindset. The technology-obsessed trio fit their “devo” theory into their mechanical music and rigid yet playful performance, creating an overall effect that was austere, automatic and absolute.  Devo, of course, went on to became one of new wave’s most innovative bands — and perhaps the most misunderstood. This DVD concert shows us a Devo much more than an MTV band; playing in support of their 1980 breakthrough album Freedom of Choice, this Devo is a truly brilliant live act. Featuring classics like ‘Whip It’ and ‘Tunnel of Life’. This is a great one for the hardcore “spuds.”


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