Do Fares Seek Advice? 

Hailed in: Lower East Side
Hails from: Bronx
People love to talk. They need to talk to someone when they’re upset, and if they’re alone in the cab when they’re upset they talk to me. People bitch to me about relationships. They fight on their cell phones, hang up, then have me agree that their boyfriend or girlfriend is an asshole. A few weeks ago a guy was having a fight with his wife. I had him call her back and apologize. By the time I let him out he was thanking me, and I said, “Give me a quarter of your money because I just saved you half of it.”

Hailed in: West Village
Hails from: Florida
Customers figure I know the best pizza places or whatever kind of restaurant, so I get asked that a lot. “Take me to this address, and what’s a good Italian restaurant near there?” Most of the time I don’t know; I know the city well but it isn’t like I’ve eaten everywhere. I have a few places I like, same as you probably do. Oh, and people like asking me driving questions. Where’s the cheapest gas, where near Times Square are there usually places to park on the street, stuff like that. I don’t answer those either. If I tell people, then everyone will go to them.

Hailed at: LaGuardia
Hails from: Pakistan
No, but people like to give me advice. Anytime I pick a guy up from Wall Street he’ll ask me about my money. How’s my money doing, is my money working for me, where do I have my money? I’m like, “the bank.” They say, “Oooh, no, you have to have your money in Apple! In this mutual fund!” I’m like, “I’m poor. Give me some money and I’ll invest it anywhere you tell me to.”


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