The Consumption Diaries: Do Rockstars Really Die Young? 

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Kick off the weekend in style with a glass of Johnnie Walker Black, left over from my wedding in November. Sit on the couch and listen to Richard and Linda Thompson's I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (sadly featuring a skip in the opening "When I Get To The Border"), and then Power Windows by Rush. Stare at the Christmas tree. Contemplate the holidays, and then Neil Peart. Drink more.

+alcohol in moderation [+1 year]

7:40pm Have one glass of Casa Julia white wine while visiting my in-laws and two young nieces in Cobble Hill. The wine is also wedding surplus: over a case of Casa Julia remains from the big night. Casa Julia will be a part of my life for the foreseeable future. Music: Foo Fighters, Weezer, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, all from in-laws' Pandora-playing iPod. Play with nieces while idly wondering what Scott Weiland is doing for the holidays.

8:10pm Shrimp chipotle enchiladas from Lobo paired with Casa Julia white wine: better on paper than in reality.

+/- shrimp is a good source of protein, iodine and calcium and low in saturated fat. enchiladas are usually heavy, full of cheese, rice, beans and other belly-aching deliciousness. a meal like this is ideal to balance the amount of alcohol about to come...
[-2 years]

9:00pm Consume two Ketel One and sodas at Littlefield while celebrating my friend Skippy's birthday. Music: various DJ'd songs, including Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," and then the entirety of Project Jenny/Project Jan's excellent set.

11:00pm One shot of face-crunching, blood-warming Underberg, one pint of Six Point Crisp Lager at Mission Dolores. Music: drowned out by Underberg-induced giggles. Shit's starting to get real.

1:00am Arrival at a friend's holiday party in Park Slope, where I'm immediately greeted by a glass of hot apple cider spiced with cheap bourbon. Music: Arcade Fire, "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn (heard for the second time this evening).

1:10am Quickly retrieve a second glass of spiked cider.

1:30am Enjoy a refreshing bottle of beer at same party. Music: "Territories" by Rush, taken from my iPhone. Greatly enjoyed by my bandmate Rene and me until the (Canadian!) host declared her hatred for Rush and stopped the song. Humbug.

- excessive alcohol consumption [-5 years]

Don't go to gym, as planned the night before.

- regular exercise would be great [-2 years]

11:30am Wake up to a meat and cheese spread prepared by my wife, enjoyed with my first iced coffee in months. Listen to the Richard Thompson album again. Newly irritated by the skip in my copy. Further irritated by the postponed soccer games in snowy Britain. Hangover slowly taking hold.

+/- meat and cheese, although tasty in cold months, are very high in saturated fat and cholesterol. these heavy foods may be just what are needed to help curtail the ensuing hangover. miso soup also works well.

[-2 years]

3:30pm Stroll down the street to Siggy's, where I order a fresh-squeezed juice comprised of greens, carrots, celery, and garlic, as well as a something I'd never heard of, delivered via eyedropper. Head home and sip while listening to the Met's production of Don Carlo on WQXR. Enjoy a powerful, vegetable juice-induced belch that expels the remnants of the previous night's enchiladas, with just a hint of bourbon and cider. Stare again at Christmas tree. Contemplate trees.

+ finally something green! fresh squeezed juices are delicious and nutritious but your body may crave the fiber removed in the juicing process and leave you wanting more. if given the option, choose smoothies so that you can eat the whole vegetable. it's often a more satisfying experience.

[+3 years]

6:00pm Two pints of Stella at the Brooklyn Inn, catching up with an old friend before he leaves town for the holidays. Topics of discussion include General Motors, as well as French car-makers (friend works in auto industry). Music: Blood On The Tracks, which someone seems to program into the jukebox every time I'm at the Brooklyn Inn.

+/- for many, drinks with friends are an important aspect of our social lives. too much drinking can be detrimental to your health. moderation, moderation, moderation.
[-1 year]

8:00pm Two glasses of red wine, plus brownies and cookies at a holiday party on Smith St. Deciding to switch to beer, I rummage through a cooler that sits on the floor. I take a Pacifico. Later I return for a can of Bud Light. Highlight: eating Swedish meatballs. Lowlight: hearing the Kings of Leon.

+/- red wine is very high in resveratrol, a heart healthy compound found in grape skin (also in grape juice).

- brownies and cookies, while delicious, are full of refined flour and sugar which wrecks havoc on your body and should be consumed in moderation. fatty foods help the absorption of alcohol and one may be drawn to them while drinking, especially, during the holiday season.

[-3 years]

The previous two nights catch up with me. Poached eggs, coffee, spaghetti with Cincinnati-style Skyline Chili all happened at some point, but the day's a blur. Turn on football but stare at the Christmas tree. Contemplate a drink.

+/- foods high in fat (poached eggs), stimulants (coffee), and heavy foods & meat (spaghetti w/ chili) all help to counterbalance copious amounts of alcohol. this is your body's natural tendency towards balance.
[+1 year]

the verdict:
while he doesn't seem to be too extreme in his consumption habits, conrad finds a way to pack in the booze, and needs to eat a lot of heavy foods to counteract its effects. if he keeps missing the gym because of hangovers, he could be taking a whole decade off his life.


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