Tips for Tips: Do You Do Anything Creative? 

We used to embroider vast, epic scenes from our favorite Led Zeppelin and Styx songs on old couches we found in the street, and then we’d dress up with our friends as characters from those songs and we’d all sit on the embroidered couches and it was like we were IN THE SONGS. Then we sold out to the Man and took this job.

Where she presides: Supreme Trading, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: Absolut Pepper and Coke
I get very dramatic sometimes and people ask if I’m an actress, but I really want to be a writer. Except they don’t really get good groupies, so maybe I should be a rock star. But it’s getting kind of late for that. Seriously? I love writing. I write a novel every November as part of this nationwide program. I totally pour my heart into them. (Are they any good?) No, they’re terrible.


Where they preside: Slaughtered Lamb, West Village
Favorite drink: Jameson/Vodka cranberry
KITTY: I do it all: singing, dancing, acting. I got my degree in creative writing at NYU. I wrote poetry. I also do stand-up; I performed at Carolines a couple of weeks ago and I hope to do it again. I also recently performed at Comix. For acting, I’ve done a lot of tours. I toured Germany doing A Christmas Carol, where I played Tiny Tim. MEI: I do a little painting, and I also sing off-key sometimes. I paint a lot of portraits, scenery… and a lot of random stuff like flowers.

Where she presides:
Ocean’s 8, Park Slope
Favorite drink: Amstel Light with a Jameson kicker
Moving to New York actually killed all artistic passion in me. Everything moves too fast here. If you want to do something, you have to shut everything down to do it. That might sound like a cop-out. I probably sound like the worst New Yorker ever. [What about before you moved here?] When I was in college I was the editor of our school’s literary arts magazine. I wrote a lot of poetry for that. Angsty teenage stuff. And now, when I go out of town I do a lot of photography. It’s all I want to do when I’m out of town. Just try and take pictures of artistic stuff. Well, I’m not sure if other people think it’s artistic.

Where she presides:
Milady’s Bar, SoHo
Favorite drink: Amstel Light
When I was a kid I did stuff in school, but I guess every kid does that. I don’t do anything now, but in the past I did some acting and producing… no musicals, just classical and experimental. I gave it up for a number of personal reasons, but I will take it up again.


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