Do You Judge People By Their Clothes? 

Obviously, we judge people by what they’re wearing because actually talking to them is exhausting. There is nothing wrong with this approach — it is why all of our friends are so attractive.

Where I hailed him: LES
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 3 weeks
Previous profession: Unemployed
You can tell a little bit about someone by how they dress. I pick them up no matter how they’re dressed because if they are taking a cab then I know they have money. I can tell where you’re from, for example. You’re from Williamsburg, right? I don’t care about fashion but I like it when my girlfriend wears denim skirts.
Where I hailed him: Upper West Side
Where he hails from: Bangladesh
Years as a cabbie: 2
Previous profession: Always a cabbie
Clothes don’t make a difference. But cell phones! Everyone has an iPhone now or a Blackberry. It’s about fashion with those things. Sometimes people leave their clothes in my cab, but they don’t care. They don’t call. But if they leave their phone, they need it back. They want to show it off.

Where I hailed him: West Village
Where he hails from: West Africa
Years as a cabbie: 1
Previous profession: Unemployed
I can’t tell anything from someone by how they dress. Just because someone is wearing a suit doesn’t mean he has money. Anyone can go to the store and buy a suit and put it on. And anyway, in this country, everyone has money. People do wear jeans too much here. In my country girls don’t wear jeans every single day.
Where I hailed him: West Village
Where he hails from: West Africa
Years as a cabbie: 2
Previous profession: Sales
I like it best when people wear classic clothes. I like it when it’s summer and the girls wear dresses. I don’t like to see women wearing jeans all the time, every day. I like it when a woman coordinates.
Where I hailed him: Midtown
Where he hails from: Turkey
Years as a cabbie: 4
Previous profession: Bank Teller
What you wear says a lot about you. Clothes talk. They can say trendy or casual or reserved. I don’t judge fares based on clothes unless it’s, like, crazy. Like if there was a guy in his underwear. I wouldn’t pick him up. Definitely not.


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