Do You Parasuco? 

Yet Another ?Denim Giant? Steps on NYC

For those who don’t know, the Canadian denim giant, Parasuco, just opened a flagship store in Soho. The label’s website goes into great detail about the millions spent renovating the building on the corner of Lafayette and Spring (the old East River Savings Bank), but I didn’t take much notice until I discovered a friend had been to the store’s opening and mingled with DJ AM and — no joke — Lindsay Lohan, before heading to Marquee for the after-party. What? Nevermind that I was at a high school pot-luck while my friend was stalking La Lohan over skinny jeans: This was a store I had to see.

I’ll be the first to admit that the store itself is magnificent. Contractors kept the soaring ceilings and marble floors (an inscription on the floor reading ‘In Denim We Trust’ is a sly nod to its bank heritage) and put in an unabashedly decadent chandelier. The jeans, as rumored, are fantastic and available in a color wheel of blue with just enough distressing. This is a label that seems to know when to stud and when not to stud.

Then there are the clothes. Friends, I don’t know why denim giants seem to think that succeeding in jeans is a free pass to design entire clothing lines. Parasuco’s apparel mantra seems to involve a lot of floral embroidery and shiny tops that have gotten too close to someone armed with a BeDazzler and jackets with — the horror! — suede fringe.

Why not just let jeans be jeans? In my opinion, the only denim brand with a brilliant New York store is Earnest Sewn, which opened more of a denim workshop than a glossy retail store. The salespeople are knowledgeable about their product and don’t try to pressure you into looking like a 13-year-old prostitute while you’re buying their jeans. I, too, bought into the cult of the $200 pair of jeans, but let’s throw some cold water on our collective faces, shall we? Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.


Step inside... Patricia Field
Attention fans of leopard print, boas and overall camp: The style guru who gained national attention for styling Carrie Bradshaw (though we knew her when) has opened up a new 4,000-foot, bi-level store on Bowery. New additions include makeup and skincare, but Field is wise enough to stick to her fabulous basics, like tees, Heatherette apparel and naughty lingerie.         

302 Bowery, 212-966-4066


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