Do You Support Gun Control? 

*N.B. This was written before the shooting at the Empire State Building on August 24

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Listen, I used to be a cop. There’s nothing that would make this city safer than if you got illegal guns off the streets. This is a pretty safe city already, but not a week goes by when you don’t hear about someone somewhere getting shot. Usually I hate Bloomberg—I should be able to smoke in a bar if I want—but on this he’s absolutely right. Close the loopholes, ban assault weapons. I don’t care how, but get it done.

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I don’t think I’m as concerned about guns as other people. My dad used to take me bird hunting as a kid, and I used to do a lot of target practice. So I’m familiar with guns; I even have one at my parent’s place. I don’t think the issue with that Batman shooting was that he had guns. Obviously he couldn’t have killed everyone if he didn’t have guns, but he’s clearly fucked in the head. He’s insane. Even before you get to the issue of how fuck-ups shouldn’t have guns, there should’ve been someone there to get him some kind of help.

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Definitely. This is one of the most important things the government should be doing. You hear about that movie theater, that other shooting, and it’s like, when will all this end? I don’t care about the Constitution. They need to take guns away from people. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.


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