Do You Try to Return Stuff Left in Your Cab? 



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If I find a wallet or purse, I’ll check it for an address or phone number, or try to find the person on Facebook and get in touch with them that way. That’s pretty easy. Once I mailed a wallet to the address on a driver’s license, but I don’t know if it got to them. People lose phones all the time, and they usually call the number as soon as they realize it. Most of the time they’re pretty willing to meet up with me to get it back, so it isn’t an issue, especially since I usually get a reward.


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I’ve only been doing this for a few months, so I haven’t found too much. A lot of it is worthless, like umbrellas or gloves, stuff people probably don’t care about getting back. You can’t return that since there’s nothing on it to identify the person who left it. Usually I just throw that stuff in the trash, but I have taken umbrellas if they’re better than mine or I don’t have one. My daughter has me looking out for someone to leave a purple scarf, but I don’t know if I want her wearing strangers’ clothes. Bedbugs, you know?


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Another driver told me to check phones for favorite contacts or recently called numbers, since those are the most likely to know who the person is and how to reach them. Then when you talk to the loser—the person who lost the phone, not a loser—you can arrange a time for them to pick the phone up. It happens a lot. Expensive stuff without names on it we’re supposed to hold on to for a while in case people contact the company, but I don’t hear about many of those calls. I think that if a driver finds a lot of cash left behind, he’s going to keep it. That’s probably wrong, but I can’t blame them.


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If I can, but most stuff you can’t do anything with. How am I supposed to find someone who loses jewelry? How are they supposed to find me to check if I have it? Phones are fairly easy to return, but it’s up to the person to track it down. Most phones have locks on them to hide their titty pics, so you can’t call them and tell them where you are. The only time I went out of my way was when someone left a bunch of work papers, a bunch of finance stuff. I figured it was a rich Wall Street guy who would give me a reward, so I called the company listed on one of the papers and found him. He did give me an award, like $20. Not worth it.



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