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4:28pm, Ludlow St. I think I audibly gasped when I saw the storefront — Foley + Corinna Men. MY Foley? As in that bustier I’d just bought? For dudes?! Walking in, it’s what Ralph Lauren wishes it could be. Ranch-style wood floors, an old motorcycle in the window, suede jackets, old Lacoste Ts for $30, and a fantastic old Wilson leather satchel for $110. The store’s only been open five months and it’s already an LES outlet for Indiana Jones. Hot.

4:45pm, Stanton St. For my  next stop, the name pretty much says it all: “Shop” in hot pink neon lights. Two steps in and I’d found a pair of Juicy pinstripe Bermuda shorts for $70 and a Bianca Branaman strapless and cropped jumpsuit that my mother would hate for $90. Drooled over the wall of jeans (mostly Chip & Pepper and Rock & Roll Republic), the brightly colored Eberjey undies hanging in the window, and deftly sidestepped the delicate Jenny Sharrif hoops and necklaces at the cashier.

5:11pm Why do all these stores play Blondie?

5:12pm, Rivington St. Vintage stores scare me because for one, they smell like dead people, and for two, they make you believe you’re capable of great fashion feats that you are NOT. I, too fell victim to a slouchy hobo bag, slouchy boots, and a floppy hat only to discover that, no, I am not Sienna Miller. A friend once confided to me over coffee that she’d been dragged out of a vintage store by her boyfriend after insisting a pair of white leather shorts she’d tried on would look great with heels on a Saturday night. By her boyfriend, people. But I do have a friend who can pair candy necklaces with Converse and still look glamorous and she suggested Edith & Daha. Much to my glee, it was remarkably painless. They even make some of their own clothes! I found myself lusting after a perfectly wearable pair of brown leather riding boots that looked practically unworn for $75 and a red straw clutch with ivory beading for $48.

5:30pm My sugar running low, I stopped in Economy Candy for some Nerds and the World’s Largest Candy Necklace for $1.99. I resisted the urge to skip around the store yelling, “I got a golden ticket!”


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