DVD Tom Goes To The Mayor 

2004 • Warner • $34.98


Part of Comedy Central’s wildly successful Adult Swim slate of animated programming. It’s an absurdly low-tech stop motion animation technique.

Now, normally if something gets reviewed on this page, it’s because it was requested.  Sure, occasionally some discs prove to be a little disappointing as childhood memories prove unreliable and a beloved director’s more obscure works prove unsatisfying.
But I’m a big fan of Adult Swim and thought , even though I had only a glancing familiarity with this show, it must be pretty funny. I mean, it has such a huge cult following and all, and features Bob Odenkirk – from Mr Show! That show was awesome!
So I figured it must be pretty good right? What? Guest appearances by Jack Black? I’ll love this. Turns out I was wrong.

Many, which will make fans of the series(of which they’re are apparently many) happy: commentary with every episode, special features, making of, deleted scenes, music jukebox, art slideshow...and on and on...

Not funny


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