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La Disque Report with Phillippe Aghion

“Go to the ball!” my dad would scream at my soccer games when I was a child in French Guyana. Little did I realize his advice would make the most sense now in this ludicrous town — whose rewards always seem to lay perpetually out of reach.

Night Watch Not to be confused with the recent hyperkinetic Russian release about vampires, this Buenos Aires-set story is about a hustler plying his trade and awaiting the inevitable life-changing event. Chicken Tikka Masala Britain is often the best place to find Indian food and cinema. (TLA) Quantum Leap First, I’d bet on every single Super Bowl, horse race and presidential election I could get my hands on, then somehow use my prescience to impress objects of romantic affection — wouldn’t you? (Universal) Magnum P.I. The Complete Fourth Season My sister dated a man with a Selleck-like mustache in this era, who drove a red Corvette Stingray. The memory hasn’t aged well for anyone. (Universal) Liza With a Z  Bob Fosse directed this 1972 TV special. Trainwreck spotters and sodomists rejoice! (Showtime)


Far Side of the Moon
Best French language film of last year — Robert Lepage triple threats this tale of space travel, middle-aged ennui and maternal longing. (TLA) The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa A pair of Bob Hoskins pictures. Friday is a tightly wound gangster yarn that you ought to see. Mona Lisa is a bit more obvious with its Driving Miss Daisy-ish class tensions, but still… (Anchor Bay) Dr Who:The Beginning (BBC) This my friends is the olde one. Running from 1963-66, it spooked kiddies. Waltons : Season One The family welcomes deaf mutes, ghetto kids and Nazi-era Jews… perhaps I’m remembering it with a sepia-tinged fondness it doesn’t deserve. (Warner) Mel Brooks Collection Eight of his best including Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and High Anxiety (Fox) Seven Beauties, Swept Away A pair from that irrepressible romantic Marxist Lina Wertmuller, including the shipwreck drama no one in their right sensibility would dare remake. On a related note have you heard the Susanna Hoffs /Matthew Sweet cover of the Who? (Koch Lorber) The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Third Season Either the confirmation or contradiction to the axiom that hardscrabble Jews make the best comics. (Fox)


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