Ever Made Up Your Own Drink? 

How exciting can it really be to pour Brooklyn Lager after Brooklyn Lager for eight-hour shifts three to four times a week? Not very, we assume. And making martinis for over-dressed Jersey girls can’t be any fun either. So, just for kicks, do our favorite bartenders ever mix their own custom libations? We know we would.

Where she presides: Freddy’s, Park Slope
Favorite drink: Water with lemon
I haven’t, but one time some guy came in here with weird boysenberries and asked if we could make a drink out of them. He had like a whole bag of them. Donald, the other bartender, started crushing them — we didn’t have a blender, we’re just a pub — and then he used them to make some kind of martini. Everyone was obsessing over it.

Where she presides: Silver Swan, Gramercy Park
Favorite drink: Doesn’t drink
I haven’t invented anything, but I have made concoctions. Like vodka and juice, or maybe peach schnapps. Whatever the mood calls for. And I always name it after the street I grew up on, Franklin Avenue. I make the drink into shots and hand them out for free. Make the customers feel like they’re getting something, though they’re mostly juice.


Where he presides: Heartland Brewery, Union Square
Favorite drink: Chopin on the rocks
I’ve done a juice. I call it the ‘Juice Extraordinaire’. It has orange juice, cranberry juice and pineapple juice, all shaken together. No, there’s no alcohol in it. I do serve it at the bar, but it’s not on the menu or anything.

Where she presides: Milady’s Bar, Soho
Favorite drink: Guinness
No, I’ve never invented anything. Sorry, I’m a boring bartender. [Regular chimes in: What about Heineken, didn’t you invent that? What about the Polar Bear? Reporter: What’s the Polar Bear?] Ah! Nothing! Never mind her, she’s being loopy.
Where she presides:
68 Jay St, DUMBO
Favorite drink: Wine
When I’m just fooling around I usually start with a sparkling wine and then add fruit juices to it. That’s about as fancy as I get. We were tossing around ideas for a drink called a Brooklyn. We figured there’s a Manhattan, so why not a Brooklyn? But nothing really stuck. The Manhattan is such a classic. Every time someone would come up with something, it would taste too fruity. We’d be like, “That’s not a Brooklyn.”


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