Fashion Week 2011 

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Katya Leonovich

Forget anything you learned from John Hughes—the artsy kids and the jocks are finally getting along. Sunday morning at Lincoln Center, men and women adorned in slim cut jackets, draped gowns and cut out dresses stood in harmony with gorgeous paintings of football players mid tackle, run and fumble (forgive the incorrect terminology, this is a fashion article) and it was glorious. The majority of the paintings are all in primary colors, and Leonovich uses this palette as well as the art work on many of the garments. But she isn't the first to use football as a reference for a collection—chances are you remember Alexander Wang's Spring 2010—the pieces here aren't about the uniforms. What we're seeing is the actual movement of the game: the curves of a body, mid dive are apparent in the drapes and ruching of a one shoulder gown. In contrast, the sharper body movements such as a pointed elbow or a bent knee come forth in the form of patchwork denim jeans and dresses. Leonovich is proving to be a true talent, taking Americana and athleticism to a new level, and while I don't have the urge to throw a superbowl party any time soon, I may start to take Monday Night Football more seriously. (Photos by Mireya Acierto)














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