Favorite Free Summer Activity? 

Yeah, sorry, we're going to have to self-promote here and say "going to SummerScreen" is our favorite free summer activity. Also, drinking on our stoop, which is kind of free.

Where he presides : Robert Emmet's, Midtown
Favorite drink: Smithwick's
Summer hasn't come yet, brother, so I spend my time hanging out at bars. I guess I like to run. I do it every second day, and just did a 5K race. I guess I do that the whole year though. Maybe snowboarding? But that's not summer. I know there are a lot of great free concerts and movie screenings, but I live in Long Island. I go to Long Beach a lot. Just get some friends, some beer, and hang out.

Where she presides: The Skinny, LES
Favorite drink: Maker's Mark
I love going to Coney Island. That's my favorite thing to do in the city. I'm mad at the changes they've been making there, though. They should've just left it the way it was. I don't know what all the changes are, but I know they removed the batting cages. I'm pissed about that. Make sure you write that down: I'm pissed there aren't any more batting cages. What I like to do there is to go to Ruby's, get drunk, then ride on the Cyclone and throw up.

Where she presides: The Long Room, Times Square
Favorite drink: Chardonnay I like having barbeques at my apartment with my friends, and going to the Astoria Beer Garden, and going to Long Beach. It's not hard to find a lot of great free stuff to do in the city. The important thing is to keep cool, so drink a lot of iced coffee and beer.

Where she presides: Sailor Jerry's and Coke Favorite drink: Double Down Saloon, LES Well, I do a lot of drinking in the summer. My name is Lisa Lush, so, yeah. I also play with my band, the Dirty Shames. We're doing Buswick Open Studios. It's amazing. I love summer. Lots of shows, lots of drinking.

Where he presides: Six Point Sweet Action
Favorite drink: Croxley Ales, Alphabet City
You obviously have the park concerts. The philharmonic is probably the most fun. You can bring wine. In Central Park. Classical music, and it's totally a blast. There's also Shakespeare in the Park, and of course Bryant Park does all those classic movies.

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