Film School 


“Who names their band Film School?” was my first thought upon learning of this San Francisco-based band. Lemme guess. They sound, um, cinematic? Yes they do. Throughout its ten tracks, this record remains cohesive, riding on a familiar and particular wave of sound à la My Bloody Valentine. They combine elements of shoegaze, indie rock, and psychedelia, repackaged with beauty and straight-up good taste. But, knowing that atmospheric stuff can get pretty boring, their songs tug the aural landscape back-and-forth with a mixture of tones, ranging from abstract pop, to glitchy drone, to walls of psych noise, to cascading guitars that, in some moments, verge on sounding a bit metal. Since they’ve all reportedly quit their day jobs to be full-time musicians, I hope all the talk of “this album bringing them to the next level” is true. And you know what? It probably is, as sure enough, here I am, converted and caring about a band called “Film School.” That’s right, I care. So what?   


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