Finally, Meatless Desserts! 

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Caramel Molasses Cake
Kate: I have to say, I actually kind of liked this cake, despite the fact that it was EXTREMELY sweet. The only thing I wrote down about it was, "nuts are good," which I'll assume refers to the liberal sprinkling of chopped pecans draping the frosting. I would have liked it a lot more if it didn't have so much frosting, but it was really beautiful and would definitely make a hostess gift at a vegan dinner party.

Deirdre: I'm not sure whether it was the cake or the fact that I sampled six sugar-laden pastries in fifteen short minutes but I couldn't swallow this bite and I didn't even want to. The cake was moist but dense, far too sweet, and smothered in even sweeter icing. But that being said, it is a cake made out of molasses. I have to commend Vegan Treats on their liberal use of sugar and the like. Food companies treat veganism like some ascetic cult rejecting all things indulgent, but the fistful of Twizzlers I scarfed this morning say otherwise. If I wanted a healthy snack I would have bought a Soy Joy bar or something equally bland and overpriced (are you listening, Babycakes?). So for pioneering the field of real junk food for vegans, Vegan Treats gets a big "thank you" from me all the same.


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