Fitness Confessional: How Five Notable Brooklynites Stay in Shape 

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Cassie Ramone
The Babies

We caught up with Ramone on the road to see if there’s any room for fitness on tour.

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Williamsburg. I’ve lived in Williamsburg and Greenpoint for about four and a half years, bouncing between apartments. Before that I lived in Clinton Hill because I went to Pratt, but once I graduated I decided to move up to Williamsburg because I was spending most of my time there anyway.

Have you always been someone who kept in shape, or did you have a moment of existential horror entailing the inevitability of your own physical decay that catalyzed your current efforts to stave off death/obesity?
I have never exercised much in my life. When I was a kid I hated gym class, and I did very poorly in team sports. I do yoga every once in a while, but I don’t have any sort of regimen about it. On the flip side, I think I have a pretty healthy diet and I do a lot of walking, so I’m not really worried about it at this point in my life.

What’s your grossest guilty pleasure in terms of food? Or “food” even.
Domino’s, McDonald’s and Denny’s are my big three!

What’s your biggest guilt-free pleasure?
My favorite foods are things like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kale, avocados, etc. I eat a ton of vegetables when I’m at home.


Do you find it’s more difficult to stay healthy on the road than at home?
This is definitely true! We try to go to Whole Foods pretty often or try to eat one good meal a day at a fairly healthy restaurant in the town we’re playing. But I also think it’s important to not beat yourself up over eating McDonald’s three times a day when it happens. The way I see it, touring is kind of like a vacation in some ways, and it’s ok to do things that you wouldn’t do at home sometimes.

What do you order at restaurants when you’re trying to be healthy?
Asian food: sushi, pho, Thai curry. Or, like, I always get the side salad instead of the fries if that’s an option.

When packing for tour, is there anything you can’t leave home without in terms of your health? 
I started taking vitamins kinda recently and now I feel like they’re pretty essential. I take a women’s one-a-day, biotin and 5-HTP every day.

Any winning hangover cures you’ve come across over the years?
If you drink a large bottle of Smartwater right before bed, you won’t be hungover the next day even if you got wasted that night. If I don’t do that then I take some Advil, drink vitaminwater, and hope for the best. I feel like I’m being a spokesperson for Glaceau!

What’s the first thing you like to eat when you get back home?
I usually make a salad or something and some pasta—that’s what I usually eat every day at home. But I’m also excited to go to my favorite restaurants. I just got really into The Meatball Shop this fall, so I’ll probably go there once I get home.


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