Four Great Places to Break Up in NYC 

1. Subway Entrance
“So it turns out I’m not going to be able to meet you after work. Ever again. Hurry now, or you’ll miss your train!”

2. Central Park
Growing up in the suburbs, handing your mom tissue after tissue while she watched Love Story, you always thought Central Park was the most romantic place in the world. Well, what’s more romantic than a tearful conversation amid a backdrop of foliage, and a long, solitary walk home through the most Edenic place in the city? Need a tissue?

3. Veselka
You never know when the spirit’s going to strike you. Say it’s 3am — “Hey, let’s go get cups of coffee and borscht, I want to talk.” And by talk, of course, you mean break their heart. And the light’s just bright enough that you won’t change your mind.

4. iChat
Oh, c’mon gram(p)s, get with the times! It’s 2008, and everyone knows all those old rules about etiquette are out the window. Just log on and have the talk. You’ll probably be more honest without having to look at your dumpee’s sad, pathetic face, anyway.


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