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Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees at The Well

If post-millennial indie rock is just a numbers game, then Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees—perhaps the two greatest hopes of San Francisco's not-at-all hopeless garage-rock scene—are winning. Segall’s solo venture, Twins, is set to land October 9 and will be his third full-length of the year—or his fourth, if you include a singles compilation. Meanwhile, Thee Oh Sees are releasing Putrifiers II this month, their 14th LP in just eight years. Both albums are exactly the exercises in 60s psych-pop formalism we've come to expect, but they also show flashes of individuality and the continued refinement of formerly snap judgments in songwriting: Twins' lead single "The Hill" so naturally combining Sgt. Pepper-style upheaval with perfectly sweet female harmonies, or Putrifiers II augmenting its echoey dirges with flutes and strings—they're shifting the focus away from their bread-and-butter guitar clobbering and toward something more distinct.

It’s how these records translate live, though, that makes Segall and Thee Oh Sees such national treasures. Amid the raging guitars, shout-slurred lyrics and crowd-surfing frenzy, there’s a wild, tangible jubilance in Segall and John Dwyer’s performances and a mutual understanding between all parties that while the audience might not control the notes being played, they have nearly as much of a hand in creating the overall experience—a sense of joyful inclusion that you don't realize is missing from so many shows these days until you're actually in the presence of it. Seeing the two coheadline the outdoor space at new Bushwick beer garden The Well will be a perfect send-off to summer, but also a reminder why this whole rock-music thing was so fun to begin with.

Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees play The Well on Saturday, September 22, with K-Holes and DJ Jonathan Toubin. Tickets are $16 in advance, $18 at the door.



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