For What I Don’t Become (Undertow Music)

For What I Don’t Becomeis a woefully bland outing from Murfreesboro, TN’s Glossary, a band that displayed huge amounts of potential on their two previous records. The first was an immensely likable, if decidedly loose, almost floppy sounding back-porch affair that saw the band playing to their strengths with large helpings of acoustic guitars that seemed to be perfectly aligned with a lot of other stuff that was going on at the time. On their follow-up, How We Handle Our Midnights, they took a stab at a more full-on rock sound, and the result, while less immediately striking, was equally impressive. And now, on For What I Don’t Become, the band finds itself at a bit of a standstill, relying on cookie-cutter, alt-country song structures and displaying a lyrical immaturity with songs about life on tour. It’s not comically bad or anything, but it does induce more than a few eye-rolls and the hope that they’re able to get past this sizable bump in the road.


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